Otter Wax

Otter Wax Leather Care Kit

Otter Wax Leather Care Kit contains all 4-Steps to comprehensive leather care. All Otter Wax Leather Care products are made with natural ingredients to ensure that all types of leather stay nourished, soft and waterproof.

Contents: Saddle Soap (150 ml/5oz), Leather Salve (150 ml/5oz), Leather Oil (150 ml/5oz), Boot Wax (150 ml/5oz), Flannel Buffing Cloth.


• Use Saddle Soap to gently clean your leather and remove stains.
• Use Leather Salve to restore softness and repair cracking.
• Use Leather Oil to polish and revive the natural shine.
• Use Boot Wax to protect and create a waterproof seal.

Once Leather Salve is absorbed, leather will appear cloudy. Use a cloth or horsehair brush to buff to a shine and create a natural sealant allowing leather to retain moisture and nutrients. Allow 10-20 minutes to fully absorb into the leather. Temporary darkening may occur. This is completely normal and original colouration is restored within a few days.


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