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About Us

The roots of Urban Kit Supply go back to 2012, when we launched We sold quality and durable bags, such as Mission Workshop and Chrome Industries, which became popular with non-cyclists. We wanted to broaden our target group and offer products to a wider range of customers, so in 2014 we launched Beard Garage, which focused on men's cosmetics and premium bags. However, we were limited by the name, referring to beard care, so we rebranded and Urban Kit Supply was born in 2018.

Our goal is to provide our customers with products of exceptional quality. In our range, you'll find bags that last for years, with a timeless look that's always ready for use; shoes that are more comfortable than what you're used to; clothing that's more durable and versatile than usual; notebooks with superior paper quality; and pens that are genuinely more comfortable to write with and work better. We don't want to sell disposable goods, but products that you won't regret buying years from now.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being a small and agile company that cares about every customer. Understanding the customer's needs and finding the right product, even if it's from somewhere else, is a priority for us. We work with our warehouse partner to always process orders as quickly as possible.

The founder and driving force behind Urban Kit Supply is an entrepreneur, Kimmo Helle, with a wealth of experience in various industries. Originally, he went into business because he wanted the freedom to implement his own ideas without the rigidity of a big company. As a family man, an active participant in children's activities and a lover of travel, he combines his experience and passion to offer customers a hand-picked collection of unique products.

Welcome to Urban Kit Supply - where quality, durability and style meet.