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We here in Finland are known as coffee drinkers, and that's why we want to enjoy high-quality coffee. AeroPress, founded in 2004, is a brand that many coffee lovers know and appreciate. Their innovative coffee machines have been developed with the needs of different coffee drinkers in mind, so quality is the best possible.


The AeroPress product range includes coffee makers, filter bags and other accessories. AeroPress Go is the perfect choice for travelling coffee lovers who want to enjoy great coffee wherever they are.

The AeroPress coffee maker uses a unique chamber system with filter papers that produces highly aromatic coffee quickly. The high-quality filter effectively removes oils and particles from the coffee, giving it a unique taste. The AeroPress coffee maker is suitable for different types and flavours so that everyone can find their favourite.

AeroPress products are made from sustainable materials and are committed to being environmentally friendly. This means you can enjoy an excellent cup of coffee with a clear conscience. The AeroPress coffee maker differs from traditional coffee makers with its unique manufacturing process, allowing quick and easy coffee brewing.

The wide range of AeroPress products offers a variety of options for coffee lovers. You can choose the suitable coffee machine and accessories to make your coffee-making experience even more enjoyable. AeroPress products are high quality, durable, easy to use and convenient to carry. These coffee makers offer great value for money and make excellent gift ideas for coffee lovers.

In summary, AeroPress is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy quality coffee easily and quickly. Its innovative design, wide range of products and environmental friendliness make it a favourite among coffee lovers.


Home country

Aeropress is established in the USA.

Product warranty

Aeropress equipment is warranted against manufacturing defects and defects in materials. The warranty duration may vary between different retailers and countries but is generally around 1 year.

Product categories

Coffee makers