Lems Shoes Boulder Boot Leather

Color: Black
Size: 37

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2 items left

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Lems Shoes Boulder Boot Leather is a highly flexible and extremely lightweight (280g / size 43) hiking boot that is ideal for your travels and adventures. It has Lems' original minimalist design and with a completely full-grain leather upper to grant even more water-resistance and durability to this packable men's leather hiking boot.

All Lems Shoes are unisex so that the same model will fit men and women. Please check the size chart before ordering!

Boots are delivered with 2 different colors of laces (see pictures).


  • Waterproofing: None
  • Last: Lems Natural-Shape™ Last
  • Upper: 1.8-2.0mm full-grain leather
  • Lining: 100% cotton
  • Outsole: 9.0mm LemsRubber™ (air-injection rubber)
  • Footbed: 3.0mm removable PU insole
  • Insole Board: 1.0mm PU Strobel (lined with fabric on top)
  • Stack Height: 10.0mm (not including 3.0mm footbed)
  • Drop: 0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
  • Weight: 9.9oz/280g (size 43)
  • Laces Provided: 2
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    • Black / 35SKU: LEMS67-Raven-035
      EAN: 819881017577
    • Black / 36SKU: LEMS67-Raven-045
      EAN: 819881017591
    • Black / 37SKU: LEMS67-Raven-050
      EAN: 819881017607
    • Black / 37.5SKU: LEMS67-Raven-055
      EAN: 819881017614
    • Black / 38SKU: LEMS67-Raven-060
      EAN: 819881017621
    • Black / 38.5SKU: LEMS67-Raven-065
      EAN: 819881017638
    • Black / 39SKU: LEMS67-Raven-070
      EAN: 819881017645
    • Black / 40SKU: LEMS67-Raven-075
      EAN: 819881017652
    • Black / 41SKU: LEMS67-Raven-080
      EAN: 819881017669
    • Black / 42SKU: LEMS67-Raven-085
      EAN: 819881017676
    • Black / 43SKU: LEMS67-Raven-090
      EAN: 819881017683
    • Black / 43.5SKU: LEMS67-Raven-095
      EAN: 819881017690
    • Black / 44SKU: LEMS67-Raven-100
      EAN: 819881017706
    • Black / 44.5SKU: LEMS67-Raven-105
      EAN: 819881017713
    • Black / 45SKU: LEMS67-Raven-110
      EAN: 819881017720
    • Black / 45.5SKU: LEMS67-Raven-115
      EAN: 819881017737
    • Black / 46SKU: LEMS67-Raven-120
      EAN: 819881017744
    • Black / 46.5SKU: LEMS67-Raven-125
      EAN: 819881017751
    • Black / 47SKU: LEMS67-Raven-130
      EAN: 819881017768
    • Black / 48SKU: LEMS67-Raven-140
      EAN: 819881017775
    • Black / 49SKU: LEMS67-Raven-150
      EAN: 819881017782
    • Brown / 35SKU: LEMS68-Russet-035
      EAN: 819881017799
    • Brown / 36SKU: LEMS68-Russet-045
      EAN: 819881017812
    • Brown / 37SKU: LEMS68-Russet-050
      EAN: 819881017829
    • Brown / 37.5SKU: LEMS68-Russet-055
      EAN: 819881017836
    • Brown / 38SKU: LEMS68-Russet-060
      EAN: 819881017843
    • Brown / 38.5SKU: LEMS68-Russet-065
      EAN: 819881017850
    • Brown / 39SKU: LEMS68-Russet-070
      EAN: 819881017867
    • Brown / 40SKU: LEMS68-Russet-075
      EAN: 819881017874
    • Brown / 41SKU: LEMS68-Russet-080
      EAN: 819881017881
    • Brown / 42SKU: LEMS68-Russet-085
      EAN: 819881017898
    • Brown / 43SKU: LEMS68-Russet-090
      EAN: 819881017904
    • Brown / 43.5SKU: LEMS68-Russet-095
      EAN: 819881017911
    • Brown / 44SKU: LEMS68-Russet-100
      EAN: 819881017928
    • Brown / 44.5SKU: LEMS68-Russet-105
      EAN: 819881017935
    • Brown / 45SKU: LEMS68-Russet-110
      EAN: 819881017942
    • Brown / 45.5SKU: LEMS68-Russet-115
      EAN: 819881017959
    • Brown / 46SKU: LEMS68-Russet-120
      EAN: 819881017966
    • Brown / 46.5SKU: LEMS68-Russet-125
      EAN: 819881017973
    • Brown / 47SKU: LEMS68-Russet-130
      EAN: 819881017980
    • Brown / 48SKU: LEMS68-Russet-140
      EAN: 819881017997
    • Brown / 49SKU: LEMS68-Russet-150
      EAN: 819881018000
Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes believes less is more, which is why their shoes boast no gimmicks, no unnecessary material, and no fluff. Made with the finest materials, Lems' footwear is perfect for those individuals seeking to promote a healthier lifestyle. "If you can't find it on the market and no one's doing it, then you have to do it yourself." - Andrew Rademacher

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Rene T.
Very good..

Shoes. They look very good and are super confortable. For the winter /cold season it doesn't matter to me if the sole is thicker than real barefoot shoes. The sizing of lems seems to be pretty accurate for me so just measure the foot.

Thanks Rene!

Laurynas E. (Siauliai, Lithuania)
Best boots ever

I recently switched to barefoot shoes and Lems are by far the best for casual use.

Thanks Laurynas!

Anna S.
Täydelliset kengät

Pehmeät, kevyet, ihanat jalassa. Ulkonäöllisestikin aivan täydelliset. Koosta valitsin suositusta pykälää pienemmän ja kengissä edelleen hyvin reilu villasukkavara.

Kiitos Anna!

Catalina G. (Stockholm County, Sweden)
In love with my Lems

Perfect for wide feet, super comfortable. True to size. I am 38 in “normal” size shoes and ordered my Lems in 38, perfect fit for my foot. Definitely not my last purchase of Lems shoes.

Thank you Catalina!

Alexandra L.P. (Île-de-France, France)
1st Time with Lems, so pleased : comfort, look, feeling

I did order this Lems bareshoes boots because of pain in my lower back when walking. I use them since 2 weeks now and I never experienced back issues (and tested it a lot!). I don't know how, why, maybe thanks to the 'zero drop', maybe the fact my foot is never stressed, maybe thanks to the good sensitivity to move (I can feel the ground but I am still so protected), maybe all together. My feet are on holidays!
I was afraid of the width of the boots but the boulder boots are also pretty and the soft leather is so gorgeous that I can wear in nature or town.
I was afraid of the sizing but ordering half a size higher was a good choice for me.
I definitely keep your website in my head to order another pair of Lems shoes in spring. Thanks urban kit supply!

Thank you Alexandra!