Field Notes

Field Notes 56-Week Planner

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Field Notes made Winter 2014 Ambition edition, and the one that people seemed to love the most was the Weekly Planner.

It was a great, simple (no metrics or fancy graphs or anything) and valuable tool for keeping track of a busy schedule and all that stuff that needs to get done.

All of this got them thinking; they took Steno, one of their most useful products, in that it lays flat on the desk and is invaluable for jotting stuff down, and combined it with that planner? And so was born Field Notes' new product: the 56-Week Planner.

It's a durable notebook that looks great, feels just right, and will hold up to years' worth of your busy life without batteries, brand-sponsored Wi-Fi, or a monthly service charge loaded up with hidden fees.


  • Paper optionRuled
  • Pages112
  • CoverHardcover
  • Paper weight70#T
  • Size121mm x 191mm (4¾" x 7½")