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Inspiring vintage style and practicality in writing.

Penco is a Japanese brand known for its vintage-inspired and practical office accessories. The name "Penco" comes from the word "pen company", reflecting the brand's focus on writing instruments. Inspired by classic American design, Penco products combine nostalgia with modern needs. The brand is part of the Hightide Group, founded in 1994 in Fukuoka, Japan.

    Penco Stainless Scissors

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    Retro Style Stainless Scissors Classic-style stainless steel scissors from Penco with a retro look. These charming scissors come in a selection of ...

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Timeless and elegant design

Penco products stand out for their design, which combines retro aesthetics with modern functionality. Although inspired by bygone eras, the brand's products are designed to meet the needs of today. Whether looking for a stylish pen, a practical notebook or other office supplies, Penco offers products that look good and feel comfortable.

High quality and durability

Penco invests in the quality of its products. Their writing instruments and accessories are carefully made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting use. Penco products are designed to withstand daily use and wear and tear so you can rely on their performance.

Versatile range

Penco offers a wide range of writing instruments and office supplies, including pens, mechanical pencils, pen cases, rulers, and more. Each product is designed to provide excellent comfort and efficiency, making it perfect for studying, working, and creative activities.

Select Penco and experience the joy of writing.

When you choose Penco products, you choose quality, durability and style. These writing instruments and office supplies not only look great but also inspire you to work more efficiently and creatively. Look at our Penco range and find your favourite products that will make your everyday life a little more elegant and inspiring.


Home Country

Penco is based in Japan.


Most Penco products are made in Japan, and some are manufactured in other countries to meet exact quality standards.

Product Warranty

Penco offers a guarantee for its products, covering manufacturing defects and material faults. The length of the warranty period varies from product to product.

Product categories

Ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, inks and refills, pen cases and pouches, notebooks, scissors, rulers