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Over a century of experience and commitment to quality.

Founded in 1917, Leuchtturm1917 has been manufacturing high-quality paper products for over 100 years and is known worldwide. The German family business, now in its fourth generation under the leadership of Axel and Max Stürken, combines tradition and innovation to create products that exceed customer expectations. The company is founded on producing high-quality, carefully designed notebooks and calendars that bring joy to their users.

    Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Nr. 2 Pencil

    Original price 29,90 € - Original price 29,90 €
    Original price
    29,90 €
    29,90 € - 29,90 €
    Current price 29,90 €

    Pencil with a twist mechanism The writing and drawing instrument's mechanism is manufactured in Germany. When the twisting knob is rotated, the tip...

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    Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal Edition 2

    Original price 27,90 € - Original price 27,90 €
    Original price
    27,90 €
    27,90 € - 27,90 €
    Current price 27,90 €

    Bullet Journal Edition 2 - The Original BuJo The Original Bullet Journal, designed by Ryder Carroll, is available exclusively from LEUCHTTURM1917. ...

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    Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Pen

    Original price 22,90 € - Original price 22,90 €
    Original price
    22,90 €
    22,90 € - 22,90 €
    Current price 22,90 €

    Leuchtturm1917 has riveved the Drehgriffel from the 1920s “Drehgriffel” is a German compound noun that directly translates as a twist stylus.  Its ...

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    Leuchtturm1917 Notebook Medium (A5)

    Original price 20,90 € - Original price 20,90 €
    Original price
    20,90 €
    20,90 € - 20,90 €
    Current price 20,90 €

    The Classic of A5 Sized Notebooks Leuchtturm1917 Medium notebooks (A5) have 80 g/m² paper and 251 numbered pages.  The size and range of colours ma...

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    Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Nr. 1 Gel Ink Pen

    Original price 24,90 € - Original price 24,90 €
    Original price
    24,90 €
    24,90 € - 24,90 €
    Current price 24,90 €

    Shodō, the art of beautiful handwriting Japan is renowned for its rich writing traditions. Calligraphy, also known as shodo in Japanese, captures ...

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    Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop

    Original price 4,90 € - Original price 4,90 €
    Original price
    4,90 €
    4,90 € - 4,90 €
    Current price 4,90 €

    The Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop is made from sturdy elastic Whether a pencil, fountain pen or wax crayon, the Pen Loop is suitable for any pen size. Th...

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    Leuchtturm1917 Outlines Notebook (B6+)

    Original price 22,90 € - Original price 22,90 €
    Original price
    22,90 €
    22,90 € - 22,90 €
    Current price 22,90 €

    Leuchtturm1917 Outlines notebook for any weather Leuchtturm1917 Outline Notebook (B6+) has 150 g/m² nautical chart paper and 89 numbered pages.  Wh...

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The power of handwriting

Leuchtturm1917 strongly believes in the power of handwriting: thoughts turn into words, sentences and pictures, memories into stories, ideas into projects and notes into insights. Each product is carefully designed, paying attention to the most minor details because it is these that make the difference. Leuchtturm1917 products are not just writing instruments. They are life companions, storing precious memories and ideas.

A wide range of inspiring products

The brand offers a wide range of colourful, high-quality notebooks, calendars and writing instruments that inspire creativity and personal expression. Leuchtturm1917 is mainly known for its Bullet Journal® concept, which has helped people worldwide organize their lives and improve their productivity. Developed by Ryder Carroll, Bullet Journal® is a simple but effective way to manage time and tasks.

Maintaining time and productivity

Leuchtturm1917 products are designed to withstand time and use. They are made from high-quality materials, with particular attention to durability and functionality. With a wide range of colours, everyone can find a colour and style to suit their needs. Whether it's a sketchbook, a notebook, or a ballpoint pen, Leuchtturm1917 offers the perfect medium for capturing thoughts and ideas.

Writing in pen is thinking on paper.

The brand's philosophy is summed up in the idea that "writing by hand is thinking on paper". This idea guides every step of the design process and ensures that every product is not only practical, but inspiring. Leuchtturm1917 wants to be involved in its customers' lives, helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

Explore the world of Leuchtturm1917

Explore the world of Leuchtturm1917 and find the perfect tool to capture your thoughts and stories. Whether you need to take notes every day, plan projects, or preserve memories, Leuchtturm1917 offers quality and beauty for every purpose.


Home Country

Leuchtturm1917 is based in Germany.


Leuchtturm1917 products are mainly manufactured in Germany.

Product Warranty

Leuchtturm1917 generally offers a two-year warranty on its products, covering manufacturing defects.

Product categories

Calendars, notebooks, notepads, sketchbooks, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils