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Give'r gloves are finally available from Europe! At Give'r, their mission is to involve, energize, and provide you with the necessary tools to lead a lifestyle that respects and appreciates nature. A lifestyle that breaks the boundaries of your home and personal limitations. A lifestyle that embraces and cherishes every exciting experience outside your comfort zone. A lifestyle that you proudly endorse as your own. You rightly deserve gloves that enable you to unleash your true potential and pursue a bold and authentic life that is entirely true to yourself, with no apologies necessary. 

    Give'r 4-Season Gloves

    Original price 129,00 € - Original price 129,00 €
    Original price
    129,00 €
    129,00 € - 129,00 €
    Current price 129,00 €

    Pair of 4-season Gloves These all-leather gloves are the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and durability. They are entirely waterproof and incredi...

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    Give'r Classic Gloves

    Original price 69,00 € - Original price 69,00 €
    Original price
    69,00 €
    69,00 € - 69,00 €
    Current price 69,00 €

    The Classic Gloves by Give'r The original Give'r Glove has a wide range of applications. It is an ideal option for individuals seeking a durable an...

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    Give'r Frontier Mittens

    Original price 149,00 € - Original price 149,00 €
    Original price
    149,00 €
    149,00 € - 149,00 €
    Current price 149,00 €

    Frontier Mittens for Winter No longer do you have to fear the cold. Give'r Frontier Mittens are the ultimate in warmth, completely waterproof, and ...

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    Give'r Lightweight Gloves

    Original price 39,00 € - Original price 39,00 €
    Original price
    39,00 €
    39,00 € - 39,00 €
    Current price 39,00 €

    Lightweight version of Give'r Gloves Give'r Lightweight Gloves are designed for everyday use and are made of thin leather for durability and depen...

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    Give'r River Runner Neck Coozie

    Original price 9,90 € - Original price 9,90 €
    Original price
    9,90 €
    9,90 € - 9,90 €
    Current price 9,90 €

    River Runner Lanyard Drink Holder "Hands-Free" just became even more impressive with introducing the Give'r River Runner. This innovative interpret...

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Give'r's dedication to craftsmanship remains steadfast. They obtain the gloves from a skilled leatherworker in Pakistan and then conduct quality checks, branding, and finishing in Jackson, USA. Give'r gloves are exceptional; no wonder they take great pride in them. Every aspect of the gloves, from the stitching to the insulation, is carefully scrutinized.

When you opt for Give'r, you are not merely opting for a glove but instead choosing a customized companion that caters to your unique adventure requirements. It is time to enhance your glove selection and embrace limitless possibilities. Urban Kit Supply ships Give'r gloves to Europe / UK.