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How to measure your feet for Lems Shoes? - Urban Kit Supply

How to measure your feet for Lems Shoes?

We receive a lot of questions relating the sizing of Lems Shoes. Just like you, we also wish everyone would get the right size on the first try. Please take your time and measure twice, order once! Below is a set of index links for the page - most important are the sizing chart and how to measure your shows.

Please note that this article includes shoe models we don't stock.

Sizing Chart

Follow the "How to Measure your Foot" video below, to find your Foot Length.

*Note: it is very easy to measure incorrectly.

Lems Shoes Size Chart

Shoe Fit Comparisons

Lems Shoes Shoe Fit Comparisons

Foot Measurement Guide

If you are unsure of your U.S. size, follow these simple steps below to get a measurement of your feet so you can choose the correct size:

Referencing the measurement of your LONGER foot (most people have slightly different sized feet), refer to the charts above to find the size you should order!

Shoe Spec Comparisons

Lems Shoes Shoe Spec Comparison