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BLACK FRIDAY tarjoukset on julkaistu!




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Otter Wax Fabric Wax
Andrew L. (Innlandet, Norway)

Fast . No B.S.

Perfect - Thanks Andrew!

Traveler's Company Brass Template Bookmark Number

Kiitos Mika!

Traveler's Company Brass Template Bookmark Alphabets

Kiitos paljon Mika!

Lems Shoes Boulder Boot Mid Leather
Jan M.M. (Capital Region, Denmark)
Maybe the best boots I've ever had.

I absolutely love my Lems Boulder Boot Mid Leather.
They have just the right Stack Height and flexibility for me to walk around in these urban "man-made" surroundings and the occasional hike in the forest and still feel my feet and feel the ground too !

The width of the toe-box is great and really allows me toes to splay and let my feet work as they should. I really like the way they feel especially around the toe-area ...

They look great and feel great and thanks to the help from Kimmo at Urban Kit Supply, I got the perfect size !
(correct sizing is a bit tricky with Lems Shoes, but I find that if you work out from your foot's length, then you are safe)

After waterproofing them I almost don't wear anything else right now, with winter coming slowly here in Denmark ...
I have no problems with the fit around my Ankles.
I find the mesh in the ankle-area very comfortable.
I find the they have the perfect height of a boot for me.

Throughout the service has also been perfect and swift ! So a shoutout to Kimmo for that.
And I got my boots in only 3 days with GLS.

Thank you very much for your review and nice words Jan :)

Give'r Classic Gloves
pierre r. (Vaud, Switzerland)

The gloves are fantastic and I won't hesitate to order another model if I get cold when I'm skiing, or the same model if it gets damaged while I'm working. C'est vraiment de la qualité.
best regards

Fantastic - thank you Pierre Raymond!

Lems Shoes Chillum
Marko O. (County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Croatia)

Super comfortable,good material

Thanks Marko!

Lems Shoes Boulder Summit Waterproof
Andrej H. (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Lems Shoes Boulder Summit Waterproof

Thanks Andrej!

Super comfortable and look nice too

For the first time ever since developing real problems with hallux valgus, I have found boots that I can wear without killing my feet! And they are stylish as well, very happy with my purchase!

I'm super happy to hear that Sara! And thanks for the review!

Lems Shoes Outlander Waterproof Boot
Teemu K. (Uusimaa, Finland)
F***ing awesome

They look really nice and come in awesome colors. I've been out in the rain and stepped in the puddles. My feet stayed dry. And the cushion in the sole is perfect when walking in the city.

Amazing - thanks Teemu!

Lems Shoes Kourt
Sara (Southwest Finland, Finland)

Lyhyen käyttökokemuksen jälkeen vaikuttavat hyvältä. Sopiva vaimennus ja varpailla hyvin tilaa.
Koko 7 sopii minun 24 cm jalkaan.

Hienoa - kiitos paljon Sara.

Lems Shoes Primal Zen
Pedro (Porto, Portugal)
Best Shoes Ever

They were a fit from the moment I put them on. I hope they never stop making these. I've had them for 3-4 months. The only issue I found is that I find they get a lot of scratch marks in the front (I drive daily, so I guess it must come from the pedals), but I'm used to doing maintenance on my leather shoes and I have fun doing it. Don't let this descourage you from ordering these good shoes - your feet deserve it.

Thanks Pedro!

Bellroy Flip Case
Sofiia S. (Prague, Czechia)

Bellroy Flip Case

Thank you Sofiia!

Blackwing One-Step Long Point Sharpener
Iikka B. (Uusimaa, Finland)
Nopeat ja oikeat toimitukset

Kiitos nopeasta toimituksesta. Kaikki tuli mallikkaasti perille. Mahtavia tuotteita KIITOS!

Kiitos Iikka :)

Lems Shoes Boulder Summit Waterproof
Riia (Uusimaa, Finland)

En tiennyt, että näin ihania kenkiä löytyykään! Varpaille tilaa, kauniit ja tukevat. Ostin ruskeat, vaikka en pidä ruskeasta väristä, olen tyytyväinen valintaan. Todella kaunis neutraali sävy.

Kiitos Riia!

Traveler's Company Notebook - Passport
Peter E. (Åland Islands)
Great little notebook that follows me around

I have used small notebooks a lot in my life, especially the checkered ones with black, soft covers. However, as I have come to like the full size Travellers notebook in my office, also wanted that for my everyday carry. Perfect size.

Thanks Peter!

Lems Shoes Waterproof Boulder Boot

Kiitos Maria!

Darn Tough Solid Crew Lightweight Lifestyle Socks

Thanks Jorge!

Lems Shoes Waterproof Boulder Boot
Martin R. (Uusimaa, Finland)
Stylish and comfortable

Looks great even with the wide toe box. Waxed mine straight away and got to test the waterproofing immediately, worked great 👍

Thanks Martin!

Western Rise Evolution Shorts
Wanderer (Catalonia, Spain)
Western Rise Evolution shortsit

Kun oikea koko löytyy (numeroa isommat, kuin saman mallin housut), nämä shortsit ovat loistava valinta sekä rantakadulle tepasteluun että välimerelliselle patikoinnille. WR:n vaatteet on ainoat, mitä mies tarvii.

Kiitos Wanderer!

Lems Shoes Boulder Summit Waterproof
Jesse (Uusimaa, Finland)
Extremely comfortable

Really comfortable and warm boots! Flexible and most likely waterproof too. I usually prefer barefoot shoes but these are great compromise for colder weather. Measure your foot carefully and trust the size chart.

Thanks Jesse!

Feels very light and comfortable on the foot. Plenty of space for the toes. These are my first barefoot shoes. Highly recomended.

Thanks Lovre!

Nomad Rugged Folio iPhone 11 Pro Max
Xanthipos V. (Central Macedonia, Greece)

Perfect case ,perfect price!!!

Thank you Xanthipos!

Lems Shoes Nine2Five
Andrea B. (Solothurn, Switzerland)
Great Shoes

Nice look and comfortable

Thank you Andrea :)

Lems Shoes Kourt
Kasper C. (North Ostrobothnia, Finland)

Stylish and comfortable. These shoes have it all. Very happy with the product.

Thanks Kasper!

Nomad Modern Folio iPhone 13 Pro Max
JOSE D.R. (Lisbon, Portugal)

Capa com excelente qualidade.

Thank you Jose!