Arcade Belts

Arcade Belts Adventure Midnighter Belt

Arcade Belts are lighter, stronger and better than ever. Built for movement, comfort, and function. All the good stuff blended into a belt designed to handle anything you can throw at it. Arcade Belts craft the finest belts that truly move with your body.

The Midnighter is Arcade's top-selling belt. The Midnighter belt is a must-have - even if you already have twelve: it's a black belt and you really cannot have too much black, just ask Johnny Cash...



  • Lightweight and low-profile for a casual, all-day wear
  • Extremely stretchy and durable construction can handle endless stress - comfort-fit elastic
  • Buckle clasps easily and securely - made from industrial strength acetal polymer
  • Travel-friendly - no-metal design makes travelling easy
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • One size fits all
  • Width 1.5"/4cm, Length 44"/112cm MAX

Better Materials

Functional Fibres

Weaving together a blend of the lightest, most durable fibres available with natural rubber creates webbing that excels in both comfort and fit.

Magic Webbing

Durable. Stretchy. Water Resistant. Ultra Lightweight. Quick Dry. Mixing these features together in the right amount creates fresh baked Arcade magic webbing.

Elevated Design

Meant for abuse and chosen for performance. Low profile buckles, built-in functionality components and focus on the dirty details creates belts that are built to lead long, adventurous lives.


  • ColourBlack