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Pants, also known as trousers, are a versatile and essential piece of clothing that can be found in almost every wardrobe. From casual to formal, a wide variety of pants are designed to suit different occasions and purposes.

Western Rise Spectrum Jogger

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Versatile Jogger for Town and Home Western Rise Spectrum Joggers are incredibly versatile and built to be as at home on your early morning run as i...

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Chrome Storm Rain Pant

Original price $116.00
Original price $116.00 - Original price $116.00
Original price $116.00
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The Chrome Storm Rain Pant is the ultimate layer for your urban commute. Ride hard and look dope while you do it. Built from fully taped waterproof...

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One popular category of pants is travel pants, specifically designed to provide comfort, durability, and functionality for those constantly on the go. These pants are often made with stretchy and quick-drying materials, featuring multiple pockets for added convenience and security. Travel pants are also designed to be lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, making them ideal for packing and wearing during long journeys. Brands like Western Rise and Mission Workshop are known for their high-quality travel pants that combine performance and style, making them a top choice for frequent travellers.

Another notable category within the pants world is urban and commuter pants, designed to meet city life's and cycling demands. These pants are often crafted with technical fabrics that offer water and stain resistance and reflective details for added visibility during low-light conditions. Some brands, like Chrome Industries, specialize in creating urban and commuter pants that seamlessly blend style and functionality, catering to the needs of those who rely on their bikes for daily transportation.

In recent years, the demand for versatile and multi-functional pants has led to innovative designs catering to various activities and lifestyles. Whether for outdoor adventures, athletic pursuits, or casual everyday wear, pants are designed to meet these specific needs. Features such as moisture-wicking, UV protection, and odour resistance are often incorporated into the design of these pants, making them suitable for a wide range of activities.