Lems Shoes Primal 2

Color: Black
Size: 37

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1 item left

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Lems Shoes Primal 2 is built on a zero-drop platform and weighing in at an ultra-lightweight 195 grams (6.9oz - size 43), the Primal 2 is perfect for minimalist and barefoot shoes lovers. With the Lems natural-shape fit and vegan-friendly materials, your feet are sure to be healthy and happy.

Its' wide toe box, natural shape, and inspired minimalist running shoe design are ideal for any daily deed that your calendar calls for. Materials are super soft, vegan-friendly materials that allow the foot to flex like a master of yin yoga?

Lems Shoes Primal 2 is a unisex model so that the same model will fit men and women. Please check the size chart before ordering!


  • Last: Lems Natural-Shape™ Last
  • Upper: Super-soft microfiber + open-weave mesh (100% vegan)
  • Lining: 100% moisture-wicking polyester
  • Outsole: 8.0mm LemsRubber™ (air-injection rubber)
  • Footbed: 3.5mm removable PU insole
  • Stack height: 9.0mm (not including 3.5mm footbed)
  • Drop: 0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
  • Weight: 6.9oz/195g (size 43)
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    • Grey / 37SKU: LEMS12-030M-Slate
      EAN: 819881011971
    • Grey / 38SKU: LEMS12-040M-Slate
      EAN: 819881011988
    • Grey / 39SKU: LEMS12-050M-Slate
      EAN: 819881011995
    • Grey / 40SKU: LEMS12-060M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012008
    • Grey / 41SKU: LEMS12-070M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012015
    • Grey / 42SKU: LEMS12-080M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012022
    • Grey / 43SKU: LEMS12-090M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012039
    • Grey / 44SKU: LEMS12-100M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012046
    • Grey / 45SKU: LEMS12-110M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012053
    • Grey / 46SKU: LEMS12-120M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012060
    • Grey / 47SKU: LEMS12-130M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012077
    • Grey / 48SKU: LEMS12-140M-Slate
      EAN: 819881012084
    • Black / 37SKU: LEMS10-030M-Black
      EAN: 819881011711
    • Black / 38SKU: LEMS10-040M-Black
      EAN: 819881011728
    • Black / 39SKU: LEMS10-050M-Black
      EAN: 819881011735
    • Black / 40SKU: LEMS10-060M-Black
      EAN: 819881011742
    • Black / 41SKU: LEMS10-070M-Black
      EAN: 819881011759
    • Black / 42SKU: LEMS10-080M-Black
      EAN: 819881011766
    • Black / 43SKU: LEMS10-090M-Black
      EAN: 819881011773
    • Black / 44SKU: LEMS10-100M-Black
      EAN: 819881011780
    • Black / 45SKU: LEMS10-110M-Black
      EAN: 819881011797
    • Black / 46SKU: LEMS10-120M-Black
      EAN: 819881011803
    • Black / 47SKU: LEMS10-130M-Black
      EAN: 819881011810
    • Black / 48SKU: LEMS10-140M-Black
      EAN: 819881011827
    • Blue / 37SKU: LEMS17-030M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012374
    • Blue / 38SKU: LEMS17-040M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012381
    • Blue / 39SKU: LEMS17-050M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012398
    • Blue / 40SKU: LEMS17-060M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012404
    • Blue / 41SKU: LEMS17-070M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012411
    • Blue / 42SKU: LEMS17-080M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012428
    • Blue / 43SKU: LEMS17-090M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012435
    • Blue / 44SKU: LEMS17-100M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012442
    • Blue / 45SKU: LEMS17-110M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012459
    • Blue / 46SKU: LEMS17-120M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012466
    • Blue / 47SKU: LEMS17-130M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012473
    • Blue / 48SKU: LEMS17-140M-Eclipse
      EAN: 819881012480
    • Olive / 38SKU: LEMS101-040M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371367
    • Olive / 39SKU: LEMS101-050M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371374
    • Olive / 40SKU: LEMS101-060M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371381
    • Olive / 41SKU: LEMS101-070M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371398
    • Olive / 42SKU: LEMS101-080M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371404
    • Olive / 43SKU: LEMS101-090M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371411
    • Olive / 44SKU: LEMS101-100M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371428
    • Olive / 45SKU: LEMS101-110M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371435
    • Olive / 46SKU: LEMS101-120M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371442
    • Olive / 47SKU: LEMS101-130M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371459
    • Olive / 48SKU: LEMS101-140M-Olive
      EAN: 810053371466
Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes believes less is more, which is why their shoes boast no gimmicks, no unnecessary material, and no fluff. Made with the finest materials, Lems' footwear is perfect for those individuals seeking to promote a healthier lifestyle. "If you can't find it on the market and no one's doing it, then you have to do it yourself." - Andrew Rademacher

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Susanna M. (Central Ostrobothnia, Finland)
Loistavat lenkkikengät

Pehmeät ja mukavat jalassa, tossumainen fiilis. Hyvin tilaa varpaille mutta kapeankin nilkan osalta saa säädettyä nauhoilla sopivaksi. 43 koko sopiva omaan 26.0cm/10cm jalkaan.

Kiitos Susanna!

Hannu V. (Southwest Finland, Finland)
Lems priimaluokkaa 2

Todella mukavat ja eilenkin tuli tansittua 6h

Kiitos Hannu!

Kirsi (Pirkanmaa, Finland)
Lems primal 2

Kertakaikkiaan ihanan tuntuiset jalassa: kevyet, joustavat ja pehmeät askeltaa. Vaimennus huomaamaton, mutta juuri sopiva jotta myös asfaltilla on miellyttävä kävellä.
Kokotaulukon mukaan tulee mielestäni melko reilu käyntivara. Olin kokotaulukon mukaan ns. kahden koon välistä, ja pienemmät oli hyvät.

Kiitos Kirsi!

Tallaaja (Uusimaa, Finland)
Kevyet ja mukavat

Heti ensimmäisellä sovituksella sopivat ja mukavat kengät, joilla on hyvä kävellä niin asfaltilla kuin metsässäkin. Ovat myös hyvät lihaskuntotreeneissä ulkona.

Kiitokset Tallaaja!

Vesa L. (Uusimaa, Finland)
Lems Primal 2

Todella mukavat kengät.

Kiitos Vesa!